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Blocked Drains

Whatever the blockage, our engineers are normally to the site within two hour of an emergency drainage call, and since all of our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology, not only can we fix the majority of blocked drains on the spot, but also the service is fast, efficient and economical.

What blockages can we clear with ease?

  • Blocked mains drains
  • Blocked sewers
  • Domestic blocked drains
  • Blocked waste pipes
  • Blocked soil stack pipes
  • Blocked toilet pipes

As well as blockages, we also carry out drain relining, drain cleaning and descaling, pipe work renewal and septic tank waste removal. All of which can be all be arranged to suit your needs.

Drain Cleaning & Descaling

As well as clearing blockages, which solves the immediate problem, we also offer a drain descaling and cleaning service to treat the cause of the blockage. The most common cause of blockages comes from deposits of detergent and grease building up, and the second most common is inappropriate disposal of materials. We offer to clean and descale your drains thoroughly either as a one-off service, or as a tailor made regular service at affordable rates. To find out more information, either call one of our numbers (which can be found at the top of this page) or use our online form, located on the right.

Drain Repair & Replacement

Here at Partners maintenance, our qualified engineers have years of experience with nearly every drain out there, and so their experience is not limited to just one make or one method. We can carry out repairs in all types of locations across the area, using a variety of different methods with materials ranging from plastic to pitch fibre, to concrete.

Drain Lining

Whilst sometimes there is no other option but to renew a drain, generally it is possible to instead reline drains. We have successfully been re-lining drains for many years, and have found that for our clients it is not only the less expensive and less disruptive option, it is also cleaner and causes little to no disturbance to the ground in which the drain sits. For a competitive quote, simply call us on one of our local numbers, located at the top of this page, or by contacting us using the form on the right.

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