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Property Care Solutions goes GREEN

has developed an exciting environmental initiative designed to satisfy the growing number of clients we have who are demanding for environmental responsibility in every aspect of their lives.

“We strive to become a leading playing in the alternative energy industry ensuring we are playing a major role in reducing the Carbon Footprint.”

Neal Martin,Managing Director

A boiler that is over 15 years old will be running at about 65% efficient, this means every £1.00 you spend on fuel to heat the house and hot water 35p is wasted.
50% to 70% of your households hot water could be provided by the sun – Via a solar water heating system.
Air source heat pumps work by converting the energy of the outside air into heat, creating a comfortable temperature inside the house as well as supplying energy for the hot water system.
Did you know?
75% of the energy used in the home is for heating and hot water. This equates to one third of the UK’s CO 2 emissions. Just by replacing your boiler will reduce your homes CO2 emissions by 1.1 tonnes, By fitting a condensing boiler and solar thermal panels will reduce your homes CO2 emissions by 1.7 tonnes.

As recognised and established heating system providers we have developed our environmental initiative as we feel we are in a unique position where we are really able to influence the public fight against global warming through the choice of more energy efficient system we are now proud to offer.

Extensive market research has shown that the majority of consumers replace there boilers in order to guarantee lower fuel bills. Installing a standard energy efficient heating system can save up to 40% on your heating bills. This equates to roughly £240 per year for the average home. In addition to this 40% less fuel means 40% less Carbon emissions, now that is a great start in the fight against climate change.

In addition to the above which are savings on converting a standard heating to an energy efficient heating system, we can offer greater savings on converting to alternative energy systems such as Solar Heating, Air Source pumps, ground source pumps and other systems that we specialise in. With our alternative energy systems there are many savings to be made for example we will only charge VAT at a rate of around 11.9% this is one of many savings that we can offer.

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